Conference Management


Provide secretariat office to handle administrative matters

Guide and supervise

  • workplan / schedule development
  • budget forecasting, preparation and monitoring
  • financial report and accounts management
  • venue sourcing and selection

Onsite Management

Provide team to ensure smooth execution of

  • registration
  • programme
  • onsite logistics

Speakers & Programme

Assist in

  • programme planning/scheduling
  • e-agenda building
  • programme book publishing (printed/ electronic)
  • proceedings publishing (printed/electronic)
  • sourcing of speakers
  • liaison and management of invited speakers

Abstracts & Papers

For academic / scientific conferences

  • Recommend suitable online submission and review system based on conference requirements
  • Advise Technical Programme Chair on review and programme management matters
  • Work with Programme Committee and Secretariat to enforce submission and review deadlines
  • Recommend publication options and vendors

Marketing & Promotion

  • Advise on the preparation / design of Announcements / Call for Papers
  • Set up, host, design and maintain website
  • Recommend marketing campaign options and assist in tracking responses

Attendees Registration

  • Provide online payment system
  • Manage online registration system
  • Handle payments and liaise with attendees
  • Offer onsite mobile check-in & badge-printing

Sponsorship & Exhibition

  • Develop sponsorship/exhibition prospectus
  • Follow up with sponsors/exhibitors
  • Advise on onsite setup options and recommend contractors/vendors


Reports & Auditing

  • Advise and guide committee on the preparation of post-conference reports
  • Assist in closing of accounts for auditing purposes
  • Source and recommend auditors
  • Assist in submission of final report to relevant authorities