Learning Innovation

Learning Innovation & Training Adoption

The digital revolution has created a new breed of connected employees, for whom multi-sensory engagement has become the norm. With organizations now challenged to find new and interesting ways to engage this connected workforce, digital learning can provide a powerful and effective approach to transformation, learning and skills development.

Due to the nature of our conference management work, we are closely connected to the academia and research communities worldwide. This has given us the vantage point to work with higher institutes of learning, renowned experts and researchers to develop digital learning tools that are based on sound educational theories, psychometric research and effective pedagogy.

Since 2012, INMEET CMS has been actively involved in exploring with our research partners on the use of serious games in education, military and healthcare training. The virtual nature of serious games provides an exciting way to communicate content, perform training, model infrastructures and visualize processes.

We believe that serious games have the power of visualizing things, of creating open-ended environments for people to explore things, of engaging and motivating learners. We believe that learning can be made fun, effective and sustainable, and that serious games should be added to the educator’s toolbox, to help tackle intractable problems and achieve big changes.

To this end, we work proactively with associations and institutions to build awareness and adoption of serious games through conferences, game challenges and competitions. We are also actively involved in:

  • assisting organisations in curating serious game titles as training tools;
  • offering consultancy services on the use and application of serious games;
  • partnering developers in the promotion and distribution of their serious games;
  • working with like-minded professionals and related associations to promote awareness of serious games, and its application/adoption

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