Eco Challenge

2015 ECO Challenge

The 2015 Eco Challenge, propelled by the successful execution of the past two challenges held in 2013 & 2014, kick-started with the national challenges in November 2014, leading up to the international challenge in 2015.


With 12 countries participating in the challenge, there was intense competition amongst the players, and thus more self-directed learning and interaction with the teachers/ mentors as players work towards achieving the highest score.


Through the 2015 Eco Challenge, we aimed:
1. to educate and foster interests in Integrated Water Resources Management through a fun & interactive digital platform;
2. to encourage creativity and innovation through game simulation;
3. to engage the player through self-directed learning, where the player assumes complete responsibility and accountability for defining the learning experience and following it through to its conclusion.

The game – “Aqua Republica” (developed by UNEP-DHI) – is designed to help players cultivate self-directed learning skills and develop domain-specific knowledge as well as the ability to transfer conceptual knowledge to new situations. Players get to exercise independence in setting goals and making decisions as well as how to achieve the game’s objective within a given framework.