Since its inception in 2000, INMEET CMS Pte Ltd (formerly known as “Integrated Meetings Specialist (Holdings) Pte Ltd”) has established itself to be a strong and credible provider of conference management services for
academic and research conferences.


With no event, no software and just a one-desk office in a travel agency, INMEET CMS has grew in the past decade to become a full-fledged conference management and production company.


The company achieved its 150th conference milestone in 2014, but has not rested on its laurels. Instead, we strive towards maximizing the available resources to achieve the best advantage for our clients – a corporate culture that we painstakingly uphold.


Today, INMEET CMS continues to bring value to the academic and research community through embracing new technologies and adopting creative approaches in the conference management services we offer.


In the learning and development sphere, we are now offering workshops to help organisations build on their human capabilities to face current and future business challenges.


Working with higher institutes of learning, renowned experts, speakers and our overseas training programme partners, our workshops are developed based on sound educational theories, psychometric research and effective pedagogy. Each workshop features the unmistakable blend of classroom delivery and experiential learning through games, as we believe that learning can be made fun, effective and sustainable.


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